Astreix, an Event Management Company derives its power to ideate and conceptualize intelligent events from its comprehensive expertise in the arena. We believe that creativity and customer-focus are seminal to our success and consequently yours. We partner on mission-critical ventures by offering spot-on, comprehensive advertising and marketing solutions. We, at Astreix strive to achieve the highest standards of deliverance while adapting to every needed sphere of activity for our much valued clients. To achieve this, we bank constantly on our creativity, through conceptualisation, research and marketing tools. Our endeavour is to create a better value proposition through each event we undertake by using the Brand Values, Attributes, Strategy, and Execution abilities for our clients.

With nearly 2 decades of exposure in handling a vast spectrum of events, we have carved out a niche that ensures professionalism at every stage of an event. Each event is taken as a scientific process right from creating a sequence out of an idea, to actually going through it over and over again on total control over all areas of planning and execution. With an eye to the creativity , we kept in touch with technology to get to know the tomorrow ...today.

It is this familiarity with the best and latest technology round the globe, and the urge to better our best every time, that sets up apart from other event management agencies.

What we do


Events & Activations

Innovation that breaks the mold.

Innovative conceptualization, meticulous planning, industry wide promotion, professional execution & management of an Event is our aim.

Experience spanning for nearly 2 deacdes Astreix has handled – international and national events . people. Our attention to detail and passion for excellence, every step of the way, guarantees that your event will be entertaining, memorable and successful.

We are a company that manages an event to achieve a stated goal as determined by the client.

We will come up with ideas, develop a critical path, write a budget for an event, seek sponsorship and provide a series of experts in various fields of entertainment, education, design, strategic planning, food & beverage, presentation and copy writing, or whatever is required.

Points of Difference

  • A commitment to excellence, quality and attention to detail.
  • A professionally creative, yet instinctive ability to bring that magic moment to any event.
  • A company that operates anywhere in the country.
  • A clear understanding of the importance of every event we are involved in.
  • A willingness to work in partnership with others as directed by the client.
  • A proven track record in event and project management.
  • A cost-effective broad spectrum event management company with in-house marketing, public relations and design expertise.


Conferences & Forums

Always ahead of the curve.

Astreix endeavors towards innovative thinking & excellence in managing all Conferences -Pre-conference, Conference and Post-conference activities with a special touch that few in our business can match.

Astreix facilitate the conference from start to conclusion to ensure a smooth program for your delegates.

  • Conference Secretariat
  • Stage and set design
  • Audio visual requirements
  • Conference identity and branding
  • Conference website
  • Pre and post event marketing
  • Invitations and registrations
  • Speaker management
  • Delegate management
  • Signage and branding
  • Program and collateral production
  • Name badges and lanyards
  • Travel and accommodation
  • Photography and videography
  • Transportation and storage
  • Award presentations and prizes
  • Post event evaluation and reports


Exhibitions & Tradeshows

Making the BIG impression

Marketing at an exhibition can begin a lasting relationship between potential customer and an organisation.

Astreix understands the importance of connecting and capturing contacts within a crowded environment whilst allowing your brand to stand out and encouraging an activation or interactivity with your audience using the simplest and oldest method of communication – one person speaking to another.

  • Stand concept and design
  • Construction and installation
  • Furniture and equipment
  • Audio visual design and supply
  • Signage and branding
  • Name badges and lanyards
  • Promotional items and gifts
  • Onsite promotional staff
  • Award presentations and prizes
  • Pre and post event communications
  • Post event evaluation


Advertising & PR

Made with your mission in mind

Our passion is to give shape to gigantic ideas that transform the client's brand and services through imperative tools like Advertising , PR , Brand management, marketing, design & print, website & digital media, Exhibitions, events and business convergence.

At Astreix , media relations strategy is at the core of every programme and we have the uncanny ability to build a good story. We educate the media on our clients' business, plans and products. We get the media on their side to validate their strategy, products and services.

We encourage clients to incorporate a variety of media to reach their target audience, through preparation of news releases, advisories, press kits, information materials, press conferences, one-on-one meetings, features, articles, seminars and media events to maximise the development and transmission of targeted messages.

We lay strong emphasis on feature articles that quickly establish a client's credibility and greatly enhance future media and marketing efforts.

We have vast experience in handling complex media situations in positive circumstances as well as in times of crisis and have built an outstanding reputation for excelling at the toughest part of PR: getting link for our clients.

Government Events

Events of national significance are Astreix speciality

Astreix has built a reputation for successfully designing and delivering complex, large-scale, multi-stakeholder Government conferences and forums.

With a deep understanding of the unique strategic and political requirements of Government events, at Departmental, State Level , Astreix s skilled and experienced team of professionals can offer the following services.

  • Stand concept and design
  • Strategic project planning and guidance
  • Multi-stakeholder management
  • Media management and liaison
  • Cross Department coordination
  • Conference website and communications
  • Pre and post event marketing
  • Venue negotiation and liaison
  • Catering management
  • Stage and set design
  • Audio visual requirements
  • Invitation and registration management
  • Speaker management
  • Delegate management
  • Name badges and lanyards
  • Travel and accommodation
  • Photography and videography
  • Transportation and storage
  • Risk management and security
  • Post event evaluation and reports



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